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Useful, Tools, Systems.


We make projects ' key in hand ' for practically all the sectors of the industry. Our clients look in MAHE's know-how for the solutions that could add innovation to their processes.

For example we have realized works like:

• Manufacture of a system of UAV's launch (mass 400 kg, speed 70m/s, length ramp 24 m, acceleration 9 m, angle of launch 5º, weigh of the equipment 12.000 kg)

• Systems of elevation and support of mobile elements (cameras, spotlights and environmental elements of instrumentation) to a maximum height up to 25 meters.

• Machines of test for solar panels, reducers and machinery in general.

• Systems of elevation PIXEL 3D.

• Line of Plaster Digipack.

• Solar followers.

• Panels for the control of tools in processes of assembly of engines (pyramid).

• Systems of striped boarder of pipes.

In general, components are carried out also for the instrumentation of dams, tunnels, walls of containment, screens...


Some of our works: