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Useful, Tools, Systems.


In MAHE we have the best technological means to realize the entrusted works: from machinery of high perfomance up to the last computer systems and constant calibrated devices of metrology.

We have machines of high perfomance like:

- Universal turning lathe.
- Turning lathe of control for cycles.
- Lathe CNC.
- Universal milling machines of bedplate fixes.
- Centers of mechanized of bedplate fixes.
- Universal sharpeners.
- CNC Sharpeners 5 shafts.
- Tangential grinding machines.
- CNC grinding machines.

Our Metrological Laboratory counts with the following equipments:

- Hardness testers.
- Profile projectors X10 and X100.
- Systems of digital measurement.

And our department of Design works with advanced software like:

- SmartCam.
- SolidWorks.

In MAHE we have the means to make real the implement, the tool or the most complicated system. WE CAN DO IT.